Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway

The Norwegian Breakaway is one of the most attractive ships in Norwegian’s line of cruise ships. The Breakaway features a variety of spots for people to enjoy while heading out on a cruise.

The ship is all arranged to feature a unique New York style to it all. The ship has a series of different accents and tones around its body to create a New York look to it all. In fact, the hull has a beautiful New York-inspired design that was created by artist Peter Max.

The Norwegian Breakaway is designed with the ability to handle four thousand passengers in a series of double occupancy rooms. The rooms include a series of options ranging from suites to traditional indoor rooms. There are even standard studio rooms that can handle one person each. The rooms are scattered around several decks. The large 1,062 foot length of the ship makes it easy for the rooms to be evened out alongside each other.

The ship is home to a large variety of spots for people to enjoy. The most visible feature on the Breakaway is the Aqua Park. This is a large water park located on the outside at the top deck of the ship. It features five different water slides, four hot tubes and two large swimming pools.

The Sports Complex is also on an outdoor part of the ship. This spot features a ropes course alongside many other athletic courts for people to engage in.

There are some events for kids to enjoy as well. The Splash Academy for kids up to twelve years of age is popular while the Entourage club for kids up to seventeen offers a lounge environment with a number of games for kids to play.

The adults on the ship will particularly enjoy the Bliss Ultra Lounge. The bar is open at nights and offers a full dance floor.

Several dining establishments are set up throughout the Norwegian Breakaway. These are supported by many of the nearly 1,595 people who work on the ship. In fact, the dining spots at the Breakaway are ones that cater to all sorts of interests.

There’s the high-end Cagney’s Steakhouse, for instance. This is a formal steakhouse that offers not only steaks but also crab cakes. Le Bistro French Restaurant is also notable as is Teppanyaki, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. There is also a traditional Irish pub in O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill and the Raw Bar, a relaxed place that offers a variety of seafood options.

Several bars are also included along the Breakaway. There’s Bar 21, a bar that is located right next to the casino on board the Breakaway. The Ice Bar is also notable for its chilled appearance. There is also Maltings, a bar that features a variety of fine spirits.

These features on the Norwegian Breakaway will be accessible to people starting in the summer of 2013. It will be embarking from New York and will go to the Bahamas with winter trips available to Florida and other surrounding areas.

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Norwegian Sky

Norwegian Sky

Wishing for a perfect getaway? This is your trip combined with all the excitement and fun along with your family or friends all made to happen with Norwegian Sky. Experience their one of a kind cruise ship created with hip and latest designs. It has an excellent glass atrium, coffee bar, sports bar, Internet Café and luxurious casino.

You can experience the enjoyment you need while luxurious dining with lots of savory foods, relaxing on beautiful sparkling pools, or hop on in with your casual dress and party all night long. You can also explore the dazzling beauty of Hawaii, meet different and friendly people in Europe, or discover the hidden beauty of the Caribbean island with their package destinations. All your desires and definitions of will be all in one with the Norwegian Sky.

Some of the highlights and features that the Norwegian Cruise has to make it the first choice of families and friends all over the world are:

When you are traveling by yourself or with family and friends, feel the essence of being royalty with their utmost accommodation. You can have the most flexible selection of rooms depending on what your preference. You can have a room with a spectacular view of the sea or the sunset, family friendly rooms perfect for big families with wide bedrooms along with appliances and computer games for your child to play with, or you can also have interconnecting staterooms. They also have luxury suites with a garden, penthouse, and all have a sea view complete with a balcony outside which allows you to have the best time of your life. You can sleep with ease, confidence and free from worries.

Food is one of the factors you should consider when assessing a cruise. Norwegian Sky offers the greatest food cooked by professionally trained chefs from all over the world. You can choose to taste whatever foods you like. All of their foods are guaranteed delicious. You can go to the main dining room served with fresh and delicious cuisine, or choose to have endless buffets with lots of luscious food to choose from. If you don’t want to go out of your room early in the morning or you crave some snacks to eat in the middle of the night, you can also request for room service. Moreover, if you have fun experimenting with what to eat, you can also explore their different food touched by every culture in the world. You can try steak, French gourmet, Asian fusion – a cuisine touch with Thai, Japanese and Chinese style, Italian food, and Churrascaria. The fun doesn’t end there as they also have tasty wines and champagnes served to you.

Fun Family Getaway
Since Norwegian Sky is a popular choice for family holiday travels; they have prepared lots of fun and excitement for the families to enjoy. You can have all the delight you want in the pool, swimming together and taking picture for holiday memories, or you can sweat all you want while doing sports with them. For kids, you can bring them to the kid’s center in the cruise while letting your teens hang out with friends in the fun camps. You can also do your own thing with doing a spa or go with your partner in the theater and watch movies. And even though you are in the middle of the ocean, you can still access the Internet anytime of the day since they have Internet cafes. You are at ease that you and your family are secure and having their happiest moments.

Life is at its best with Norwegian Sky. You can both spell fun and excitement to its maximum. You can have the greatest relaxation and enjoyment in every aspect possible.

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The Norwegian Cruise Lines

If you are tired of your daily routine and are planning to try something which is new and refreshing, then you need to look no further as the Norwegian Cruise Lines offers some of the most exciting and famous cruise lines. The people who are sick of job blues and sick of their routines back home, can book a seat in the NCL. This cruise line boasts of the largest staff to passenger ratio compared to any other cruise company and their extra service does show from stem to stern. On any of the trips one can find friendly and courteous staff in corridors perfectly dressed in uniform.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines is a private cruise company which has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. This cruise company works on the freestyle concept which is that you do not need to wait any meal timings and or follow a particular dress code. This company was started in the year 1966 by Knut Kloster and Ted Arison. In those days there was only one car ferry which was of 830 ton to Caribbean, with a very low cost. The Norwegian Cruise lines went by the name of Norwegian Caribbean Lines in the initial days and was later changed to Norwegian Cruise lines by Arison and they together bought some more ships which helped them to expand their business.

One of the most liked features of the Norwegian Cruise lines is the free style dining. The free style dining was introduced in contrary to the shipboard dining structure and matches the American lifestyle. The passengers choose any of the dining sections available and also eat whenever they wish. Some of the dining areas serve cafeteria style while some others serve based on the menu. All the food which is served in the dining rooms and the cafeteria is included in the price of the cruise.

Another service provided by the Norwegian Cruise lines is the full range of on-board activities for 24 hours a day. They also boast of a fully equipped fitness center which is a major attraction for those who want to stay fit during their vacation too.
The price of the Cruise also includes a theater entertainment, a sparkling casino and a lot of slots and gaming. The Norwegian Cruise lines are a premier cruise line which has ten large and modern ships too to its fleet.

For any person who has a boring routine and are looking to spend their weekend in leisure and entertainment, they can approach the Norwegian Cruise lines and book a seat for a weekend cruise. The NCL is also famous for their luxurious trips for all their passengers on their board. The weekend packages are also available on discounts and are offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Anyone can book their seat on Friday and hop into the cruise on Saturday and they can leave back home on Sunday with an unforgettable cruise experience.

Norwegian Jewel

Norwegian Jewel

Like its name suggest, the Norwegian Jewel cruise ship offers some of the best suites that you can find at sea as well as staterooms to accommodate every person’s styles. In regard to entertainment, the ship has some exciting options with sixteen dining options and thirteen bars and nightclubs. Therefore, there is a reason as to why you should get on board as you explore the summer weather in Alaska, enjoy yourself in the islands of the Caribbean or just have a good time in the Bahamas and Florida.

There are various top class facilities that you can find in the Norwegian Jewel. You can choose to sunbathe on the ships private deck in its Suites and The Haven. Where you are accompanied by kids, you can watch them have fun at the Splashdown club or even the Sapphire pool as they enjoy the wonders that are provided. From the private balcony of the award-winning ship, you can view the Alaska’s awe-inspiring glaciers.

You can enjoy unlimited delicious options ranging from some traditional dining to buffets that are endless. For some additional cover charges, you can access a steakhouse that has 16 extra dining options, which include the Japanese teppanyaki as well as gourmet French. The ship has a state-of-the-art waterslide, fitness center, all types of bars& lounges, hot tubs, pools, teen discos and other facilities that you can enjoy without paying anything extra. The accommodation options are flexible, and they range from the affordable ones to the Suites and The Haven’s opulence. You can access wireless internet in all the public places as well as in your stateroom at any time of the day.

If all you intend to do is to unwind, chill out and relax, the Norwegian Jewel has all the necessary facilities. She has 2 big pools, 6 hot tubs, sun lounges that are countless and Topsider’s bars. You can make your city of departure to be part of the vacation by including one or two days in the hip Miami or even the Sophisticated NYC.

The accommodation at the Norwegian Jewel is just but superb, with the rooms having balconies as well as butlers. There are enough rooms for the pillow fights. On the ship, you can opt for the room that best meets the needs of your family and budget. Added with a décor which is stylish, the rooms provide unmatched comfort and the space as well as privacy hasn’t been compromised. The family balcony staterooms keep you near the action that is kid-friendly. The rooms are close to a youth space in the Splash Academy & Entourage. There is also space on a balcony for the family to relax and recharge. The rooms can accommodate up to four guests.

You may also opt for the connecting staterooms which are a fabulous way of taking everyone to the vacation. Most categories of the Norwegian Jewel Cruise have some interconnecting staterooms. From the Balconies to Insides to Suites, the staterooms make accommodations to fit every member of the family.

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Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn

Whether it’s your first time or not to hop on a cruise, the ultimate experience you get aboard with Norwegian Dawn would always be an elegant and unique one. From your very first step on the ship to the last one you make upon going out, expect that you’ll be treated like princes and princesses just like you are in a fairy land. The ship offers departures from Boston to Bermuda during the summer, New England and Canada in the fall and Tampa to Caribbean‘s best spots during winter.

The ship offers a lot of activities to do while sailing. It has currently the largest suite you can find at the sea; about 5,750 square feet Garden Villas which has three bedrooms, a private garden, hot tubs and more. But if you’re on a budget, there are other spacious accommodation options available for you. You can take Lady Luck with you as you go for a spin inside the Dawn Club Casino. There are a lot of games for newbies and veterans to enjoy among which are Blackjack, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride and Roulette. If you’re into a freestyle cruising experience, then Norwegian Dawn is definitely a must have experience for you.

Enjoy the different tastes of food on board over 14 delicious dining options. If you’re into endless buffets or traditional fine dining, name it, they have it. Included in your cruise fare are a host of delicious options and for just a little extra charge, you can access worldwide variety from Japanese teppanyaki and gourmet French to delicious steakhouses.

If drinking and chilling out is your cup of tea, there are around 10 bars you can hang out to with different atmospheres depending on your preference. These includes a poolside bar, casino bar, champagne bar, coffee bar, sports bar and a disco bar. Party your heart out and enjoy your favorite drink while taking in the view. At the Spinnaker Lounge, you can reserve up to 2 adjoining rooms if you’re planning a party.

Not only does the ship house a casino, it is also a home to clubbing and shopping areas. The Havana Club and Wine Cellar is a place where you’ll meet people interested in premium cigars, cognac and spirits. There’s also a Teen Club and a Youth Center where young people can hang out and loosen up. The Club turns into a teen disco by night. If you’re searching for some entertainment, Stardust Theater always has a show for you. For shopping, Port O’ Call and a visit to the Galleria Shops is a great fix.

There’s no reason you can’t skip exercise as the ship is loaded with health centers catered specially for good health. They have their own fitness center, basketball and volleyball courts, jogging and walking track. Don’t forget to visit Mandara Spa for a world class beauty salon and spa services to rejuvenate you inside out.

With Norwegian Dawn, you get to experience the longest cruise ship indoor pool. The Lap Pool also has a Jacuzzi and hot tubs for guests to enjoy. There’s also a T-Rex Kid’s Pool which is a dinosaur themed pool featuring slides for the children.

The experience aboard is truly fabulous and worth every penny. The ship, destinations, entertainment and staff are all a phenomenal combination. Every customer will surely enjoy every minute aboard your Norwegian Dawn cruise.

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The Norwegian Spirit

The Norwegian Spirit

The Norwegian Spirit is a cruiser that sails the Mediterranean all year round providing the best in terms of style and comfort. This is a cruiser that also provides all the luxury that you may need through out your journey on the Mediterranean. This cruise liner has all the amenities that you can think of including 10 bars as well as lounges, 14 options at which you can dine, a casino as well as a spa and fitness center. It is such amenities that make the Norwegian Spirit a one of a kind cruise liner that has been quite an attraction to many. You can also be are to enjoy the Tivoli pool as well as the 4 hot tubs located in the outdoors. Kids have also not been lefty behind as they get to enjoy themselves all through the length of the cruise at the Buccaneer’s Wet & Wild.

There are many other highlights that come with the Norwegian Spirit. For starters you can enjoy running a mile on the numerous state-of-the-art tread mills that are located 12 decks high from which you can enjoy the view thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. You also have the opportunity to try your luck at the numerous table games as well as slots at the Maharajah’s Casino. For those who feel young at heart, mingling with the teenagers at the Celebrity Teen Disco is an option. This teen disco comes fully installed with video boards, foosball as well as jukebox.

On the Norwegian Spirit you will also be able to enjoy traditional fine dining as well as buffets that are endless and also include custom-order stations. A host of dining options are included on the cruise fare you are charged hence you need not worry about spending extra money on the cruise. However, in order to enjoy international cuisines like the French gourmet or even the teppanyaki form Japan you will need to pay an additional cover charge. In total you will be able to experience 15 different dinning options. You will also be able to enjoy performances by the Second City Comedy Troupe as well as wireless internet access available in public areas.

The state rooms on board the Norwegian Spirit are the best you can ever get. Depending on the amount you are willing to pay you will be able to stay in the best rooms including those with a splendid and picturesque view as well as balconies overlooking the sea. The kind of room you go also depends on how many are in your group on board as there are those that accommodate three people while there are those that accommodate two. You can be sure to enjoy your cruise whether you travel alone or even with your family or friends. There are many positive reviews that have been made online by the numerous people who have been able to enjoy a cruise on the Norwegian Spirit. The cruise fees will depend on the types of amenities that you may need to use while on board the great phenomenon that is a Norwegian Spirit cruise.

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Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun takes you to various destinations in its Carribean Cruises, Europe Cruises, Alaska Cruises, Pacific Coastal Cruises, Panama Canal Cruises and Transatlantic Cruises. So wherever you want to cruise in the world, there are chances that the Norwegian Sun takes you in her cruises to different destinations as listed. As you tour the world, you can be sure of all the luxurious attention as almost everything is made readily available in the cruise ship.

Norwegian Sun has up to fourteen dining options which is capable of making the guests become casual and flexible in their dining habits. As the delicious options are added to your cruise fare, you do not have to worry yourself about paying for them separately. You can avail other specialties like gourmet French, Japanese food, and other dining options as per your wish and taste. Guests include young families to senior citizens. You can enjoy during school vacation time with your family and children as the liner is filled with kids and their families during this time.

There are enough bars and lounges and Body Spas to make your holiday relaxing and rejuvenating. There is also a Sun Club Casino to spend your time in an exciting manner. You can visit the theaters which show-case great talents, fitness center to keep yourself healthy, sports court for games, cool pools, hot tubs, kids centers, discos for teens and many more the fare for which are also included in your cruise fare.

The accommodations provided are in different ranges to suit the budget of the guests. There are Owner’s Suites which have large area for Balcony. Four guests can stay in these Suites comfortably. There is a living room, bedroom with two beds, a dining room and a bath with whirlpool tub. Butler and Concierge services are available for these suites. There are Penthouses in Norwegian Sun that can house four guests. There is a bedroom with queen size bed, luxury bathroom with shower, a dining area, a living area, a private balcony and bedding arrangements for two guests in addition. These penthouses also include butler and concierge services.

The Norwegian Sun Cruise also features Mini-Suites that will be right size for four guests to take accommodations. There are two beds that can be converted into a queen size bed. Additional bedding arrangements are made for two guests in addition. Every room has a good view through the windows and balcony. There is a sitting area and a luxury bath with shower. Wireless access to Internet is made available in almost all rooms and in public areas twenty four hours a day. The money you spend on cruising in these liners is definitely worth it.

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Pride of America

Pride of America

Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride Of America is the perfect ship to board to the island of Hawaii. It has a capacity of holding up to 2138 guests. It has a gross tonnage of 80439, a length of 921 feet, with a speed of 20.5 nautical miles and a total number of 940 crew members. It is a cruise ship which was not wholly built in the United States, but it’s hull and other components were partially constructed in the USA. It’s a member of the Miami based Norwegian Cruise Line, abbreviated as NCL.

When you step on Pride of America’s elevated staircase you get to know that really you are in an outstanding cruise ship. The Pride of America has fourteen restaurants, couches and nine bars. It also has fantastic accommodations for families. It provides balconies where the passengers enjoy watching whales, and enjoying the view of the Kilauea volcano. Pride of America is the only cruise ship which navigates to the islands of Hawaii without wasting days sailing to foreign ports. Since Pride of America is a US Flagged vessel, she can visit US ports without visiting a foreign or far and distant port. This has been made possible by the Passenger Services Act which forbids foreign flagged vessels from visiting only US ports.

Pride of America an encomium of the US. Everyone who boards this ship and everything in it celebrates the tradition and the account of America, up to the liberty dining room where the sculpture of Abraham Lincoln is. With a large portion of the crew being US citizens, the pride of America comes with its a distinct atmosphere.

The Pride of America is a unique ship that attracts a range of different ages from newlyweds and everybody in between. It is a home away from home. You feel relaxed designed for those who want to learn more about Hawaii. The pride of America provides anything and everything you ask and wish to have. Access to wireless internet is usable 24 hours a day, seven days a week at all public places. However in this case there are tips that apply. Flexibility of accommodation is a fact not to be overlooked. There are wide varieties which are affordable to the luxurious but which suites your taste.

The Norwegian Pride Of America allows you to enjoy the fine dining of the United States tradition and the endless snacks. There are lots of delicious choices let in your cruise fare. If there is any overcharge that applies then it opens doors to the world of possibility. In all there are fourteen unlike dining choices. The pride of America has a program that costs twelve US dollars from every passenger every day. This is an automatic fee for every services rendered. These can range from waiter in the restaurants to the stewards in the rooms. However passengers can set the amount to be lower or higher by consulting at the reception.

The Pride of America has a dress code that it embraces not to embarrass the passenger but to help maintain the standards. Like bathing suits jeans and shorts are not acceptable in the dining areas as from 5pm. Dining requires one to put on something like the cocktail dress which is more appropriate. In a nutshell Pride of America will be undergoing refurbishment for approximately two weeks in March 2013. This will allow extra suites new cabins for TVs and a studio. Book yourself a space today for your holidays at the Norwegian Cruise Line and enjoy.

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An Experience on the Sailing City – Norwegian Star Cruise

An Experience on the Sailing City – Norwegian Star Cruise

No better phrase would be used to describe Norwegian Star Cruise than a real sailing city. From its sparkling outers to the dazzling inside that is full of thrilling action. The cruise makes everyone on board to wish that the ship alone were their final destination. Well, even though such thoughts are tantalizing and mesmerizing, the one week spent on board remains a lifetime memento of a fascinating trip to New Orleans.

Norwegian Star is one of the rare cruises with timely services and attendance to the passengers which gives it’s guests the cruise’s paradise feel. As soon as the passengers get on board, they are welcomed for lunch at Versailles Dining room that has inviting colors and delicious dishes. Immediately after the welcoming lunch, passengers are set free to go to their rooms and explore what the incredible sailing city has in store for them.

Within the cruise, you will find all the facilities you need. For entertainment purposes, Stardust Theater will always have something to leave you wanting more. You will enjoy great performances from comedians and magicians who will spice your evening moments all through. In addition, you may learn a new dancing style from Top-Notch dancers who are well endowed with interesting and hilarious dancing moves. Your children may not enjoy such scenes as much as you do. As you set aside your differences over breakfast children can go and play games at some of the places that the cruise features like a Kid’s Pool. Teenagers will also enjoy their favorite music and dancing experiences in the vibrant and spacious teen’s club. In addition, the cruise has spacious sunlit swimming pools and hot tubs where you can spend the better part of your afternoon.

Rounds of drinks and dishes always come with a touch of brilliance. From the 14 dining choices, you will have a taste of a wide range of international foods prepared by award winning chefs. As if that isn’t enough there is also a wide selection of wines. The ship also has a juice bar where you can grab a drink after spending your time in the gym, spa center or on the basketball court.

Norwegian Star also gives you the true feeling of being on the water. Through its glass windows, you will always enjoy the fascinating scene of the deep waters especially during the day. The staterooms are also designed to give you a natural view of the ocean as you relax on the king-sized beds or as you surf on your tablet using the free wireless internet connection on board.

You don’t need to pack a special gift from home for your sweetheart who may be enjoying her birthday on board. During a Norwegian Star Cruise, there is a classic Galleria where you can pick up a fantastic surprise gift for your love that will leave her in awe.

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The Vacation of a Lifetime on Norwegian Pearl

The Vacation of a Lifetime on Norwegian Pearl

If you’ve ever considered sailing away on a relaxing cruise around the Caribbean or Alaska then you may want to hear more about one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s most popular ships the Norwegian Pearl.

Most ships have a gym, casino and a pool so what makes the Norwegian Pearl stand out? The Norwegian Pearl boasts its own bowling alley and a rock climbing wall, two features that you won’t find on your average cruise. Such family friendly features make the Norwegian Pearl the perfect option for a family vacation as children of all ages are bound to be entertained.

If you can think of a form of entertainment, chances are that you’ll find it on board the Norwegian Pearl. Among the entertainment options currently available are magic shows, Broadway styled shows and world class DJs who’ll have you dancing all night. Perhaps one of the most original entertainment options on board is the ship’s hilarious murder mystery comedy show.

For most cruisers, indulging in great food is an important part of their trip. Guests upon the Norwegian Pearl are certainly spoiled for the choices the ship offers a whopping 16 different dining options including a upscale steakhouse, a 24 hour Pizza restaurant and a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. Whether you prefer elegant fine dining or buffet meals you won’t be disappointed.

It’s actually possible to visit a new bar each day as the Norwegian Pearl boasts 13 bars and lounges! Examples of the many bars on offer include the Magnum’s Champagne and Wine Bar, Shaker’s Martini and Cocktail bar and Malting’s Beer and Whiskey bar. There’s even a Sake bar on board.

For a truly relaxing vacation make sure you pamper yourself by visiting the Mandara Spa. On offer are a range of luxurious treatments such as facials, mud wraps and hydrotherapy. If you plan to share your vacation with someone special also take the opportunity to indulge in a couple’s massage. There are no shortage of past guests who rave about it!

Although the Norwegian Pearl offers a range of accommodation to suit all budgets the ship’s opulent suites and The Haven Garden Villas are definitely worth a special mention.

The most luxurious option is without a doubt the Haven 3 Bedroom Garden Villa which boasts three bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests. Guests who book the Garden Villa also have complimentary use of a personal butler and a concierge service. However what makes this Villa special is it’s own private garden!

Fear not, if the Haven 3 Bedroom Garden Villa isn’t quite in your budget all is not lost as the Norwegian Pearl offers a variety of affordable suites which offer private balconies and luxury baths.

Perhaps one of the Norwegian Pearl’s biggest selling points is that its offers tastes for all ages and an unforgettable vacation. Families and children are bound to love the bowling alley, pools and rock climbing walls. While couples and singles flock to the ship’s spa and bars. If you’re planning on a Caribbean or an Alaskan cruise seriously consider sailing away on the Norwegian Pearl for a trip of a lifetime.

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Experience Life’s Greatest Pleasures Aboard Norwegian Jade

Experience Life’s Greatest Pleasures Aboard Norwegian Jade

Conquering the seas as well as traveler’s hearts are top priorities for Norwegian Cruise Lines. No wonder, they’re voted as Europe’s Leading Cruise Line for the last five years by World Travel Awards. What makes traveling on a cruise ship much different on NCL, is the fact that they have outstanding features such as Freestyle Cruising. NCL has Freestyle Cruising Ships and one of them is the Norwegian Jade. Even if you are a seasoned cruise ship traveler, the pleasures you would derive from this ship is simply incomparable. So, what makes Norwegian Jade a cut above the rest? Learn and appreciate why you should book as early as possible.

First, the dining experience is Freestyle which is a unique experience. On other cruise ships, you have to rush back to eat dinner at a fixed schedule. Here, you can take your sweet time in whatever activity you’re engaged with. Eat dinner at your own schedule and choose from among 16 dining options. Whether French cuisine or Japanese food, you can always dine to your heart’s content.

Second, choices for accommodations are varied. You can splurge on a 3-bedroom Garden Villa or settle for a mini-suite with balcony. Take note, even mini-suites have splendid view of the ocean which is an unbeatable feature. This is due to the aft facing location to ensure that guests get what they paid for. Choosing inside rooms is also a great idea especially if you’re sticking to a budget. The room is spacious enough for four people; there’s room service too in case you get hungry. The Family Inside rooms are highly recommended when traveling with children or even teens.

Third, Norwegian Jade is a wholesome treat even for young kids. A vacation with younger family members can be enjoyable especially if there are amenities suitable for kids. Well, bring the children to the Sapphire Kid’s Pool so they can frolic in the shallow pool. Adults can still enjoy the fantastic view as they watch their kids play. The Tree Tops Kid’s Club can please any child as they get busy with activities. Teens will also enjoy the Library as well the Art Gallery and Internet cafe.

Fourth, entertainment is unparalleled with world-class amenities. Watch shows at Stardust Theater and have some martinis later at Mixer’s martini and cocktail bar. If wellness is part of your lifestyle, then Yin & Yang Spa can provide you with relaxing spa treatments while enjoying the view. You need not miss your workout routines since the Bodywaves Fitness Center has free weights and smith machines.
There’s so much to do on board; in fact, you might find the 6 or 7 day vacation quite short. Don’t worry, you can choose from different destinations so you can relive the experience again and again. Remember, you can design your own activities. This is best choice when you want to travel to Europe via cruise ship. Make your reservations early so you won’t be left behind. Indeed, life is like dream when you row this boat (ship) merrily. Choose Norwegian Jade.

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Norwegian Getaway: The Best Is Yet to Come

Norwegian Getaway: The Best Is Yet to Come

NCL is introducing the brand new Norwegian Getaway and her sister ship the Norwegian Breakaway!

Most cruise ship travelers have one thing in mind – have a perfect vacation with minimal inconvenience as much as possible. Pleasure is on top of the list which is why the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship should be something to look forward to. By winter of 2014, Miami will witness the biggest ship that’s bound for Eastern Caribbean.

This is your best bet to enjoy the sunny Caribbean on board Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway Class. Some cruise ships are short in size and space but not this one. The ship can hold as much as 4000 passengers considering that it’s 1,064 feet in length. It’s spacious enough and designed to maximize open space that will surely delight sun lovers. Moreover, it presents a unique Freestyle Cruising experience that allows guests much freedom in choosing their activities while on board. It’ s a new kind of freedom that cruise ship travelers are looking forward to, so always hang on for more details.

Another interesting feature of this ship is that accomodations are spacious. Even if you’re with your whole family, rooms like Spa suites and Mini-suites are big enough. Staterooms are at least 260 sq.ft in size which afford a lot of space. The cozy Heaven Spa Suite boasts of 334 sq ft of elegantly designed interiors that include king size beds and multiple spray jets in the shower. There’s easy access to the Thermal Spa so you can recharge or relax anytime of the day. Plus, there’s always a private balcony for you to bask in the glorious sun. Even the mini-suites with aft-facing are not short on features with spectacular views of the ocean.

When it comes to destinations, you can choose between a 10 day Transatlantic cruise that departs from London or an 11 day Transatlantic from Rotterdam. But if you’re just in Miami, then a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise is perfect! Sip your margaritas while watching the sunset or do some island hopping once you reach the Bahamas. Surely, your loved ones will experience an unforgettable vacation aboard Norwegian Getaway.

What makes this cruise ship stand out? Well, the first-of-a-kind open air promenade, known as the Waterfront,connects its guests to the ocean like no other cruise ship. If you have seen The Haven by NCL on its other ship, then this one is more spectacular. Second, the Freestlye Cruising allows you to select your dining, entertainment, and spa services even before you hop on the ship. An Elite Concierge can assist you with your requirements so every details falls in place. Indeed, this ship is suitable for discerning customers who want premium services. Service can be very personalized for your utmost pleasure.

It seems that everything you desire in a cruise ship is found at Norwegian Getaway. In a short time, you will experience luxurious accomodations and premium service from this large ship. Even as you work hard, there’s this enticing reward you can give to yourself and to your loved ones come 2014. Inquire online as early as possible and always check for more recent updates. In the meantime, work hard and dream big!

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Norwegian Epic- The Best Cruise Ever

Norwegian Epic- The Best Cruise Ever

Norwegian Cruise Line has proved itself as one of the best cruise lines in the whole world. The company is well known for its quality services, state of the art cruises, decent pricing and luxuries. Several cruises offered by this company have ruled the oceans, and the latest addition is Norwegian Epic. It is the biggest, latest and most innovative cruise ship from NCL. Destinations of this new cruise ship include Caribbean and Europe.

Salient Features of Norwegian Epic

Below are few of the wonderful features that Norwegian Epic has to offer:
20 dining options
A number of delicious options included in fare
Blue Man Group
Amazing fitness center
Hot tubs
Kids’ activity area
Climbing walls
The Second City
Aqua Park
Multiple accommodation options
Capacity 4,100 persons
Length 1,081 feet
Diesel electric engine
Speed 20.2 knots
1,753 crew members

Norwegian Epic has a vast variety of different staterooms including suites, mini-suites, balcony, and inside.

There are a total of 5 suites including:
The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite
The Haven 2-bedroom Family Villa
The Haven Courtyard Penthouse
The Haven Spa Suite
The Haven Aft-facing Penthouse

These suites accommodate 2-6 adults and have an area of 322-852 square feet. Attractive features of these suites include floor to ceiling windows, private balcony, private bar, butler service, 1-2 luxury bathrooms, hot tub, and spa décor. These suites share some of the above mentioned features, while others are restricted to particular suites such as the hot tub in Haven Spa Suite. Fares depend upon accommodation capacities and luxuries.

Mini Suites
There are a total of 3 mini suites offered by Norwegian Epic:
Spa Mini-suite
Family Mini-Suite

All the mini-suites mentioned here have an approximate size of 245 square feet, and they accommodate 3-4 adults. These suites are smaller as compared to suites and are particularly designed for people that want to enjoy luxuries at affordable prices. Major features are pretty much the same as suites, with exception of some luxuries.

Norwegian Epic offers the biggest range of balcony accommodations including:
Aft-Facing Balcony
Spa Balcony
Family balcony
Large balcony
Mid-ship balcony
Family balcony

All balcony rooms accommodate 3-4 adults, and all of them have an area of 216 square feet. Balcony rooms are equipped with televisions, balconies, and separate bathrooms with shower.

Inside Staterooms
The inside staterooms are economical and they offer great value for money. There are a total of 3 inside rooms:
Family inside
Mid-ship inside

These rooms measure 100-128 square feet and have separate shower and bathroom. The Studio includes access to a shared living room that has a bar, 2 large televisions and a comfortable sitting area, complimentary coffee, snacks, room service, safe and hair dryer. These rooms are ideal for people that don’t need extra space and want to interact with others by sharing living rooms.

The Norwegian Epic is the best that Norwegian Cruise Lines has to offer. The Staterooms, dining areas, kids’ activity place, entertainment lounges, bars, cafes, and pools are fabulous. The best way to enjoy a wonderful cruise trip is to book in advance as it makes you eligible for a number of attractive discounts.

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The Norwegian Gem: Incredible Fun and Relaxation

The Norwegian Gem: Incredible Fun and Relaxation

The Norwegian Cruise Line of ships has long been known for their incredible luxury and excellent accommodations, as well as for the exotic locations visited. A cruise is a great way to get away from the monotony of everyday life, allowing you to relax and enjoy your loved ones in a stress-free atmosphere filled with enough to keep you busy all day and night. Take a trip on board the Norwegian Gem!

The Norwegian Gem is one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s most impressive cruise liners. It is an almost 1,000 foot vessel that can hold close to 2,400 people. It is the perfect choice for cruises all year long, visiting such exciting locations as the Bahamas, Florida, the Caribbean, and even Canada.

You will travel in style aboard the Norwegian Gem no matter what your budget looks like. The accommodations range from the affordable to the opulent, with numerous Suites including the various Havens for those that want the ultimate comfort, with panoramic views of the water and the rest of the ship, deluxe features such as a grand piano, hot tubs, private balconies, and even a private courtyard.

Dining is an incredible experience aboard the Norwegian Gem as well, with 16 different options. Whatever your taste in food, the Gem can probably take care of it for you. There are buffets available all day, plus a ton of fine dining options, including a high-quality steakhouse, Japanese teppanyaki, and French cuisine. There are also stations that allow you to order whatever you want. Pizza is available 24 hours-a-day delivered right to your stateroom, or wherever you happen to be on the ship. For those who enjoy sushi, there is a sushi bar where you can watch the sushi get prepared right in front of you.

Whether it is just you and your partner or the whole family you will find tons of exciting things to do with your time while you are on the Norwegian Gem. Enjoy the theater, the Second City® comedy group, tons of pools and hot tubs, a waterslide, all-ages dance clubs for teens, numerous bars, a casino, and even a four-lane bowling alley for the whole family. The kids will enjoy the magicians that perform nightly, as well as the incredible climbing wall. For people who want to take relaxation to the next level, there is a full-service beauty salon and spa with a wide variety of treatments available. Wireless internet is available in all rooms and public areas all day and night long. The kids can even enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii on the Norwegian Gem’s incredible two-story screen. If you like to work out, there are tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a full-featured fitness center and a walking/jogging track.

The Norwegian Gem was built to please, no matter if you are looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing and fun family vacation. Cruises are more affordable now than they have been in years, and a cruise on the Norwegian Gem will be an experience you will never forget for as long as you live.

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